Our Mascots (and family members)

Kiki & Nana

Kiki and Nana are two Japanese Akita Inus, they grew up here on the farm and are our company's mascots, they are also members of our family, their majestic and loving nature reflects our farm's passion towards lavender and our guests. Kiki and Nana are very gracious hosts, if you see them wondering around with our employees please do not hesitate to say hi and take lots of photos, they love people! 


Get to know

our mascots a little further

Nana in snow at Lavender Polo Farm


Nana or Hana, is the mother of 8 Akitas and an indispensable member of our family & farm. She is super friendly with kids, loves sushi, catching rabbits, walks, and a nice long nap.


Kiki's full name is Hiroki, which means happy boy. Father to the 8 puppies with Nana, he is a beloved member of our family and takes guarding duties very seriously. He loves bread, cheese, noisy toys and jumping into dirty ponds.