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Image by Pauline Jurkevicius

Our Lavenders

Our Farm Map

We are happy for every customer to come, and our farm is constantly being developed to give everyone more space to explore! Let us introduce each of our lavender varieties so that you can better explore and discover the fun of the lavender polo farm.

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​Explore Our Lavenders

Lavender, also known as the "Queen of Vanilla", is native to the Mediterranean coast, various parts of Europe and the Oceania Islands, and was later widely planted in the United Kingdom and Yugoslavia. Its leaf shape and color are graceful and elegant, and its blue-purple inflorescences are long and beautiful. It is a new perennial cold-resistant flower. It is suitable for planting in clusters or strips along the flower path, and can also be viewed in pots.

Munstead Lavender

 I'm 'Munstead' Lavender. As an English Lavender, I'm known for my fragrant, cool lavender-blue spikes and gray-green, mounded foliage. I'm often seen as Hidcote English Lavender's little sister - we look very similar and are equally hardy, but I'm much shorter in height! 

BLOOM TIME : Mid to late summer

Phenomental Lavender

I'm Phenomenal Lavender. Known for my highly fragrant and concentrated essential oils, my purple-blue flower spikes attract butterflies and bees to the garden. As the most popular Lavender ever, I've been successfully grown across the US, from Alaska to Florida.

BLOOM TIME : Mid summer to early fall

Super Blue Lavender

I'm SuperBlue English Lavender. As indicated by my name, I'm most famous for my rich blue flower spikes emerging from my short stems. In addition to my vivid colors, my fragrant flowers and numerous herbal and medicinal benefits make me a favorite in many herb gardens. 

BLOOM TIME : Early to late summer

Mellisa Liac Lavender

Hi, my name is Melissa Lilac Lavender! I have masses of beautiful spikes of fragrant white flowers with lilac-purple overtones that rise above the foliage from early to late summer. These flowers are most effective when planted in groupings and are excellent for cutting. I also have attractive grayish-green evergreen foliage.

BLOOM TIME : Early to late summer


The Story Continues

Join us for new exciting chapters that will soon take place on Lavender Polo Farm, future projects include polo exhibition tournaments, horseback rides through our lavender forest, petting zoos, culinary camp, and so much more. Please stay tuned for the next phases of our journey, as the story continues.

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