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Camélia 11 is a scent for getting to know the day. Floral and delicate, Camélia 11 evokes the feeling of an early stroll through a sun-drenched garden, stopping every so often to clip a soft, full bloom for your bouquet. Enjoy Camélia 11 with a cup of green tea and feel the stress melt from your body.


Made with premium ingredients sourced from the blooming bushes of Japan, Camélia 11’s powerful scent throw will easily fill a large room or apartment with its striking, layered fragrance. The taller sticks offer a longer, more mindful experience.

Find a moment of rest in the day with Le Rouge’s Camélia 11 incense.


What’s included:
19 incense sticks (14 cm)
40-minute burn time per stick
A complimentary handmade pottery incense holder

Camélia 11 - Camellia & Pear & Musk - Premium Incense- 19 Sticks

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