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Peace 20 is classic. Warm. Familiar. With top notes of citrus, middle notes of pepper and flint, and a base of resinous amber, Peace 20 delivers spice and wood and a gorgeous smoky finish. It’s the ideal addition to an intimate evening: pair it with a glass of whiskey, a crackling fireplace and a long conversation with a good friend. 

Made with select Indonesian pepper, Peace 20’s powerful scent throw will easily fill a large room or apartment with its intoxicating aroma. The taller sticks offer a longer, more mindful experience. 


Wind down the evening with Le Rouge’s Peace 20 incense.


What’s included: 
19 incense sticks (14 cm)

40-minute burn time per stick
A complimentary pottery incense holder

Peace 20 - Lemon & Leather & Amber - Premium Incense- 19 Sticks

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