The Polo at Lavender Polo Farm

Catch one of our exhibition games here and there, we will be hosting them every weekend throughout the season. Join us at half time to stomp the divots, win a price when you find one of our coins spread around every game.

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Artist: Wu Lusheng

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About Polo

Oldest Team Sport in the World

Polo is similar to any other team sport in the world, teams of 4 compete against each other in a game containing 4 rounds, known in polo as "chukkers". Each lasting around 8 minutes, after the first 2 chukkers there is an halftime where players can rest and regroup. You score by knocking the polo ball with your mallet into the opposition's goal, which in polo are two large pillars and the space between the pillars are the goal. Curious to learn more? check out one of our exhibition games, announcers will explain everything as its happening. Coming soon...