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Pet Policy

  1. Leash Requirement:

    • Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times while on the farm premises.

    • Ensure that the leash is sturdy and no longer than six feet in length.

    • This requirement is in place to ensure the safety and comfort of all guests and to prevent any disturbances to the lavender plants and other farm activities.

  2. Waste Management:

    • Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.

    • Please bring waste disposal bags or other necessary equipment to pick up and dispose of pet waste in designated trash bins.

    • Help us maintain a clean and sanitary environment for all visitors.

  3. Pet Behavior and Safety:

    • All pets must be well-behaved, non-aggressive, and under control at all times.

    • Owners are responsible for ensuring that their pets do not disturb other visitors, damage property, or harm any farm animals.

    • If your pet displays aggressive behavior or causes any disturbance, we may request that you remove them from the premises.

  4. Health and Vaccinations:

    • All pets must be up to date on vaccinations as per local regulations.

    • Please do not bring any pets that are ill or showing signs of illness to the lavender farm.

  5. Liability:

    • Owners are solely responsible for any damage, injury, or loss caused by their pets while on the farm premises.

    • The lavender farm and its staff will not be held liable for any pet-related incidents.

  6. Discretionary Authority:

    • The lavender farm reserves the right to make exceptions or deny entry to any pet that poses a risk to the safety, well-being, or enjoyment of other visitors or farm animals.

    • Lavender Polo Farm reserves the right to ask any visitors violating the policy to leave the grounds immediately, in protection and safety precautions for other visitors or farm animals.

By visiting our lavender farm with your pet, you agree to comply with this pet policy. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain a peaceful and enjoyable environment for all guests.

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